BigForest, Powerful Manufacturer for AC Adapter Power Supply

BigForest master the core technology for AC Adapter, independently research and develop each of our new product!

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Intelligent Charging!

Intelligent IC, Extra safe charging!

Self-adjusting current and power, intelligent charging, Over Load protection, Over Discharge protection, Short-Circuit protection, Over-current protection, Overvoltage protection, Overcharge protection, Can reach Six levels of energy efficiency standards.

Key Components for an AC Adapter

A quality AC Adapter contains Low voltage drop Schottky Barrier, Low voltage drop MOS, Over-voltage transformer, Original IC, Lead-free wave soldering, 3mm short-foot operation, Pure and Sufficient fine copper DC cord and 100% life testing.

BigForest, A powerful manufacturer of AC Adapter Power Supply

BigForest is a manufacturer has more than 7000 squre meters factory, independent research and develop each new products. Has extra strict control system of production. From project designing to trial producing, from material purchasing to volume production, from material incoming inspection to finished products life testing and inspection, bigFroest has a finished strict quality control system! Make sure each product 100% QC passed and with good quality!

Certificates and Patents

BigForest has many Certificates such as UL, ETL, CE, FCC, CCC, PSE, SCA, SAA Etc. We also can apply for some paticular certificate if customer need.
We also has a lot of Patents.

About Customization

Customer only need to tell us the parameter of the AC Adapter power supply, such as voltage and current, also tell us for what kind of equipment or device this AC Adapter will be applied for? And the particular requirement, such as Ripple requirement, no-load or on-load requirement, 24 hours working or not, paticular working temperature requirement(beyond -30 to 100degree), over voltage requirement, EMI requirement, PFC or other requirement, AC and DC cord length, diameter, copper lead requirement and so on.

We will design and develop based on the requirements, only need 15-25 days we can send out samples for testing and confirmation. BigForest has more than 20 year AC Adatper OEM and ODM experience, we have a powerful team of PCB production, Component purchase, SMT Producing, Assembling, we are always trying our best to service our customers.

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