If customer has any special specific requirememnt for an AC adaptor that current AC adapter can not meet,

We BigForest have the ability to develop a new AC adapter. Steps as this: We receive specific requirement from customer – our engineer team will check and analyse it – We give customer design and Solution- Customer Confirm our design – We make samples to customer – customer confirm sammple – Customer release us order base on our Quotation – We produce orders. We BigForest has 26 highly experienced engineers, each of them is part of BigForest, and has more than 15 years AC adapter research and development experience! Our engineer team like challenges, they have the ability to overcome all difficulties, to create more and more masterpiece!

Case 1

One of our client is engaged with the manufacturing of monitor camera. The monitor cameras are equipped with AC adapter that converts voltage from the source to the voltage level the device requires. Nearly all of the AC adapters are used as a power supply, However the customers is demanding a customization allowing him to use the AC adapters as an internal power supply as external power supply requires need space to accommodate safely. We have asked customers for the monitor sample and his requirements. Our experienced engineers made it possible to make a room to equip internal power supply within the monitor camera. With our utmost efforts our engineering team was able to finish the project within the given time period. The customer was highly contented with our efforts and acknowledged our efforts, we provided more samples and all were approved by the customers. Because most of the monitor has an external AC adapter, it is not convenient for using But with a built-in AC adapter, customer only need to connect it to electric supply, it is very easy, and there is no protection needed to the built-in power supply, as monitor has a very good protection. This monitor camera with built-in AC adapter sells very well!

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Case 2

Our client associated with LED manufacturing required a special power supply for their led bulb, this power needs to be dimmable, and the most crucial thing is that this power supply must be compatible with all the dimmers they sent to us. They claimed if the power supply (AC adapter) is compatible with the 12 dimmers they sent to us, then this AC adaptor is the most advanced one, that could be compatible with more than 95% of all the dimmers in the market. Our engineer were well aware about the complexity of the task and took it as challenge, after about 1 Month hard working, we finally send 10 samples of AC adaptor to customer for led bulb that they were manufacturing, this AC adaptor is with 2 IC, we call it dual IC High Voltage Deep dimmable power, this power is compatible with the 12 dimmers we get from customer, but the lumen cannot reach its 100%, it is only about 90% of the lumen output. However, customer accepted it. We are now still producing order to this customer and keep on improving the quality. Our engineer group like challenge like this! Because they have the ability to overcome the difficulties and win a big success!

Case 3

BigForest Electronic Company has a very strong and powerful engineering team! Each of our engineer is part of BigForest, and all of them have more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing AC DC power supply and chargers! Now the AC adapter thats available in a very small size, easy to carry! One of our customer form USA asked us to develop a universal AC adapter, this adaptor must have the smallest size, used for Mobile Phone, Laptop, Ipad,etc. Customer send us the size required, and send us the smallest ac adaptor sample in the market, our new adapter must be smaller than the sample. When we get this development order, all our 26 experienced engineers had a long time meeting, after about 1 Months hard working, we send our design to customer, customer made little changes, customer confirmed our design by the second time, we spent about 20 days in completing the samples, we send about 20pcs of newly designed samples to customer for testing, while we are still working hard to improve, this is really a challenge for us! After a long term testing, we achieved to make continuous improvements, customer confirmed the sample. Currently, we produce a lot of orders every Month!

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