Customized Battery Power Chargers

Custom Power Charger or Open Frame is one of the most popular product

Customized Power Chargers or Open Frame Power Supply is one of the most popular product we have in the market, for example, we use Lightweight Charger for our mobile phone. Custom power chargers or Open Frame power supply is made from a stable electrical power (mainly stable voltage, supply stable working voltage, and enough current), plus a necessary constant current, restricted voltage, limited time and some other controlling circuit. A lot of customers like Customized Power Battery Chargers because they like the different shape, like smaller size or high efficient, or for the different use.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of custom power chargers /AC Adapter way, one is that printing customer Logo or some other content on the current product; the other way is the BigForest design, develop and produce according to customer requirement.

For custom made Charger/AC adapter/Open Frame, usually there is 3 different conditions as below:

Customer offer design and requirement.

Customers send their design and requirement to our sales team; our engineer team will checking and analyzing, and communicating with the client to confirm the design if there is no any changes, making the handmade sample, making tooling, sample confirmation, and manufacturing customer order.

Customer has their own product.

If the customer has their own finished product, they could send their samples to us (we pay for the cost and return the sample after we finishing this project), or customer could take samples to our factory directly. Our engineer team will check and analyze the samples after we get the samples, we will calculate the tooling cost and unit price for custom power charger /Open Frame. With this information, we will check with the customer if we can go for next step or not.

Design and make solution of Phone Charger/ Open Frame for customer product.

Customer has their own shell of the AC adapter.

The customer can send us their shell of the product or send us the design of the AC adapter case, our engineer team will design electrical part inside, and we will send the handmade sample to the customer for confirmation after customer confirming our design.

Customer need power to match with their product.

Customers send us their product and requirement, our engineer team checking and analyzing to make design and solution of Custom Battery Charger/ Open Frame to match with their product.

Public Tooling Charger/AC Adapter/Open Frame.

For public tooling customized charger/Open Frame

We can print customer Logo, or other content on the shell, by silkscreen, Shift printing, water transfer, Hot transfer printing, Laser, etc. We just need to get the printing design from the customer; we can do samples to customers for confirmation.

Quality requirement.

If the customer needs a better quality or a lower quality of electrical power charger/Open Frame, we can offer a new solution according to customer requirement. We will send samples to the customer for checking and confirmation.

If the customer needs to add or reduce any function from the current Custom Power Battery Charger or Open Frame, our engineer team also can offer the customer a new solution according to customer requirement, if customer confirms the design, we will make samples to the customer for checking and confirmation.

BigForest is the leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical power chargers in China. Feel free to contact us for your any requirement. We provide highest quality customized phone chargers at very reasonable prices.

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