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Custom USB Power Adapters for Laptop Battery & Smart Phones

Dongguan BigForest Electronic Company is one of the professional power adapter manufacturers having expertise in the manufacturing of customized AC power adapters for laptops, computers, and other devices. We own a broad range of different Lightweight AC Adapters, Custom Made Power Adapters and AC-DC Power Supply designed for commercial, residential and industrial use. With years of experience, we have gained a remarkable reputation for providing some of the world’s best quality, and discounted price custom made Laptop AC Adapters for all time. To serve our valuable customers at all end, we are capable of supplying the ultra-slim and ultra-thin customized power adapters in bulk quantity at wholesale rates. Being the top distributor and wholesaler of custom power AC adapters in China, we always provide high-quality product at the lowest price to our customers.

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Mini AC Adapter

  • Mini Laptop Charger/AC Adapter Power Supply
  • 8 Tips, Dual USB Ports on line
  • 80%PC+20%ABS
  • For Laptop,Tablet, Mobile and Other Digital Devices.
  • One for All AC Adapter Power Supply
  • 9cm(3.54')*3.5cm(1.38')*3cm(1.18')
  • White and Black
  • 93%
  • 3A
  • 2 Years

Our Capacity

10 - 75W Charger

The Smallest Size in the World!

10 - 75W AC Adapter

The Smallest Size in the World!

5 - 300W Open Frame

AC-DC Power Supplies

Smallest & Thinnest Laptop AC Adapter Supplier - BigForest

BigForest Electronic Company is a professional manufacturer, trader, wholesaler and exporter of battery power adapters for laptops, computer, mobile phones, and other digital devices. Have craftsmanship in the production of AC-DC Power Adapter, Chargers and Open Frame power supplies for more than 20 years!

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Dongguan BigForest Electronic Company enjoys being one of the finest manufacturers of custom designed lightweight power adapters that are easy to use and carry for daily uses. With state of the art engineering, we are the only power adapter manufacturer that guarantee AC Adapters having weight as low as possible in the smallest size. These adapters are perfectly designed and tested to be used for portable computing devices and computing system as well as laptops and computer used in commercial and residential sectors. Dongguan BigForest Electronic Company is also honored as premium AC adapters suppliers to commercial sectors used in modern bar code readers.


Dongguan BigForest Electronic Company just after its foundation has shown promising performance and product quality in the manufacturing of personalized AC/DC power adapters by offering reliability, flexibility and meeting customer requirements at very best. We are the only Laptop battery adapter and computer adapter manufacturers and suppliers having the strict commitment to quality. Our wide range of Lightweight AC adapters for laptop and computer are strictly quality tested by our professional ensure high performance and durability. We have the wide variety of AC adapters ranging from 5w to heavy duty 600w; our inventory includes Personalized Ac Adapters, Custom power adapters, Laptop Battery adapters, Ultra slim battery adapters, Lightweight AC adapters..


Dongguan BigForest Electronic Company is not only distinguished by offering a broad range of cutting-edge design, but our range of adapters are packed with incredible features such as universal input and output with extra wide range of voltage. Our featured laptop and computer AC adapters are equipped with a circuit that works perfectly even for long duration usage with minimum heat emissions. We are proud to offer all of these features at affordable prices with the guarantee of long lasting performance. Dongguan BigForest Electronic Company has crafted intelligent custom designs that are intended to provide comprehensive solutions for the leaders in the computing industry.


We are distinguishable company featuring a broad and innovate range of custom made power adapters for laptops and computer. We are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of laptop power adapters that are custom made to offer light weight for easy carrying. We understand current requirement, therefore, our engineering have crafted years of experience and intelligence to make our AC power adapter stand out. We never compromise on our quality with even very minimum errors of quality that may cause malfunctioning. Each production of ours are lab tested even under unfavorable working conditions to prevent any hazards.

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